AMIS™ - Highly Synchronized, Real-time Information, and Automated Operations Create Effective Streamlining Efficiencies

The longstanding premise of Bradford’s AMIS ™ operational methodology is to “use efficient methods and systems” to streamline the distribution process, remove the hassle factor, and ensure product is available when needed. The entire operation from receipt of goods at the central facility thru security inspection thru ultimate redistribution to the terminal end user becomes highly synchronized and runs precisely, flawlessly, and efficiently.

Stopping These Common Bad Delivery Practices

AMIS™ Scheduling Logic Allow Deliveries to Become Invisible to the Traveler

Scheduled dock times are used for inbound supplier material deliveries into the central facility to produce a smooth and constant flow of vehicles and materials. There is also precisely controlled timing of material outbound distribution from the central facility to the various airport tenants to make the redistribution relatively invisible to the passenger. Materials no longer interfere with passengers in airport corridors and no longer block store entrances and shelves (a common condition at airports today).

Under a Centralized Receiving and Distribution operation, the airport user and passenger will no longer co-mingle with delivery trucks on primary airport roadway systems creating a much safer and more pleasant airport user experience. This usually means that more than 100 weekly delivery trucks including 18 wheelers are usually replaced with just a few highly customized refrigerated Bradford trucks that re-distribute the product to the terminal in a “highly timed” and “consolidated” delivery. An army of supplier delivery personnel no longer enter the terminal and operate around passengers.

AMIS™ further forces the efficient management of return items (kegs, carts, etc.) and reverse logistics – types of materials that have a habit of remaining too long in the terminal. These types of occurrences are negative passenger impacting events that can be turned into a positive while also improving the shopping experience and retail revenue generation engine.

AMIS™ Streamlining Capability Enables Optimization of Savings During Delivery Cycle

Since the time required to complete the delivery process is significantly reduced, major streamlining of operations occurs. For example, instead of a delivery cycle taking 2 to 6 hours to finish (traditional airport model model), the driver is now able to drop off the materials at the central facility in 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Plus, there is a major optimization of labor because the central facility consolidates re-distribution to the terminal end-users. This means the time and frequency the supplier spends making deliveries is reduced 60% to 80%. Multiply that time reduction by several hundred deliveries per week, and the operational efficiency gains are huge. Plus, the redundancy in tenants’ logistics labor and equipment is further greatly reduced.

The Central Facility enables only one security inspection point to cut down on the number of security man-hours being spent. Plus, there is no need for escorting of supplier trucks or secondary checks in the terminal.