Our #1 Asset

Employees are our number one asset! Without our devoted employee team members, Bradford could not have achieved its leadership role within the domestic and global aviation airport industry. In addition, it is our employees that enable us to show-up amazingly every day for our customers and deliver operational excellence.

Core Values - the Guiding Light For Our Pathways

When making decisions, we always do the right thing while being true blue to our Core Values. Our core values serve as our guideposts for all team members when making decisions that affect our business relationships.

  1. Be intimately knowledgeable of what is important to our industry and provide exceptional service that contributes to our customer's success.
  2. Follow-through on all commitments to our employees, co-workers, customers and partners in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Innovate, measure and improve to ensure operational excellence, safety, security, and sustainability faster than any other in the industry.

These values serve as a daily reminder of who we are, what we believe in, and how we strive to treat colleagues, clients, and each and every caller.

Servant’s Heart and Fun-Loving Attitude

Beyond this, we follow "The Golden Rule," meaning that we treat each other the way we want to be treated, which is why doing the right thing by our Employees and Customers is so inherent to who we are as a Company. We promote the following leadership characteristics and tenants of servant leadership:


  1. Honesty (Truth as a Compass)
  2. Forward Looking (Positive Can-Do Attitude)
  3. Inspiring (Fully-Engaged)
  4. Competent (Know Your Stuff)
  5. Respect & Thoughtfulness (Our Golden Rule)


  1. Value Diverse Opinions
  2. Cultivate a Culture of Trust
  3. Develop other Leaders
  4. Help People with Real Life Issues
  5. Encourage others to Leap
  6. Think YOU not ME
  7. Sell Instead of Tell
  8. Think Long Term
  9. Act with Humility

Come join the Bradford team for a challenging and rewarding career in a fun-loving environment with people who care for each other – as we together “Help Airports to Run Great”!