Over a Decade of Relentless Innovation and Burning Passion for Excellence

In 2001 Bradford won its first bid opportunity that it ever competed by far out-distancing major logistics companies for the management and operation of the “Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center” (also known as Dockmaster) contract at the newly constructed, state-of-the-art Edward H. McNamara Terminal in Detroit, MI (then 9th largest airport in U.S. passenger traffic). Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is a security category-X airport, major international/domestic hub, 121 gates, 6 runways, and a Westin hotel/conference center is integrated into the terminal.

There were two major Bradford differentiators in the award:
  1. Bradford’s enterprise technology and management information system - Airport Material Intelligence System (AMIS™).
  2. Bradford’s fresh new approaches and ground-breaking advanced processes for solving the many issues associated with material deliveries.

During the next few years, Bradford’s focus was rolling-out the solution, proving concept, and fine-tuning a multitude of AMIS™ features that would change the landscape of an industry. In addition, Bradford pro-actively took on major new responsibilities and challenges because of the events associated with 9/11. By working in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement, Bradford’s was able to solve serious security gaps in terminal material deliveries.

The Company has been able to deliver-on all of it promises - even “exceeding customer expectations”. Bradford has also assumed a leadership role in airport security with the TSA and local law enforcements… a role that it has never relinquished.

After successfully accomplishing these objectives, Bradford’s emphasis was making the Company and its solution “known” within the U.S. aviation industry. Bradford proceeded to almost singularly carve-out the Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center market-niche across the United States. In 2001 the company expanded its sights to change the airport logistics landscape around-the-world.

The breadth and scope of our solution has grown to encompass operations at all size airports (from small-to-mega, including London Heathrow – the largest and most complex consolidation center operation on this planet). Bradford’s highly successful track record was achieved because of our industry leading technology (AMIS™), a firm commitment to operational excellence, relentless innovation, staying true to core values, and creating an amazing employee culture. Since our inception, a deep-rooted expertise has been amassed, which has further enabled a vast number of logistics consulting studies at airports spanning-the-globe.