Deep Rooted Expertise

Bradford Airport Logistics was formed in 2000 and is exclusively focused on airport logistics within the global aviation industry. This includes turnkey services, technology, security, supply chain management, and consultancy associated with the “command and control” over all consumable goods entering the airport terminal complex (not material destined for aircraft). This is our core business.

Our solution establishes a highly secure Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center (also known as Consolidation Center). Bradford then provides turnkey services along with deploying our in-house developed “enterprise technology” – Airport Material Intelligence System (AMIS™).

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There are also a number of exciting and amazing ancillary benefits that can be achieved for our customers, particularly in the areas of sustainability and terminal operations support. Our solution is “world-class” and has become an “industry best practice”.

Bradford has almost singularly advanced this market space within aviation. The organization has pioneered more than 30 industry firsts… many are “highly-acclaimed”. Our people are a foundation in the business, and show-up every day to deliver “operational excellence”. As a result, Bradford has been able to renew 100% of its contracts since formation. Bradford has been highlighted in numerous industry publications, featured on U.S. television, and received a number of industry awards.

Bradford possesses more expertise, has been awarded more Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center contracts (U.S. and globally), operates the largest and most complex airport Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center in the world (London Heathrow), and offers more value-add benefits than any other organization in the world!

Although the company’s original operations were birthed in the United States, they have grown to span-the-globe. Bradford Airport Logistics Global Corporate Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

London Heathrow