An Intelligent Solution for Optimum Command and Control

Bradford’s Airport Material Intelligence System (AMIS™) is an enterprise material management system with advanced processes that integrate the supply chain, central facility, terminal complex, law enforcement, and other airport users. AMIS™ operates in real-time time enabling moment-by-moment tracking, high visibility to data, and ultra-management over the entire logistics operation for operational excellence. Thus, AMIS™ becomes the arterial heart for regulating the flow of all inbound and outbound goods as the system synchronizes and controls terminal deliveries and related activities including security.

Enabling Proactive Continuous Improvement for Endless Operational Improvements

Every aspect of the important characteristics of the material being handled by Bradford is known in the AMIS™ system relational databases. This enables extensive reporting and analysis capabilities for benchmarking. Most importantly, this enables for viable “Continuous Improvement Initiatives” to be implemented to constantly raise the bar for taking the operation to the next plateau.

Time-Tested, Highly-Customizable Code, and World-Class

The AMIS™ System was developed in-house by Bradford’s IT professionals more than a decade ago (now on version 7). Since Bradford owns all source code, AMIS™ is customizable to each airport, as well as to specific user requirements. It is beyond compare in the market place which allows Bradford to usually far-outdistance the competition.