The Solution Solves Many Security, Safety, Operational, and Efficiency Issues for the Modern Day Airport

Airports are becoming like mini-cities which require the consumption of a variety of materials. Under the traditional airport operating model this results in hundreds of weekly delivery trucks and delivery personnel servicing the airport.

The Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center solution requires hundreds of supplier trucks including parcel carriers delivering consumable materials into the terminal complex to be diverted to a highly secure dock operation. At this facility the material is received, security inspected, consolidated, and redistributed by Bradford back to terminal end-users in a "just in time" fashion as material is required and without interference to the travelling public.

Consumable goods consist of food, beverage, news, gift, retail, maintenance, operations, janitorial, office supplies, uniforms, etc. These types of materials are destined to the airport itself, concessionaires, airlines / clubs, hotels, and other stakeholders such as regulatory agencies, law enforcement, customs, etc. The central facility can be also utilized to store goods in support of the airport's retail engine and only deliver them when passagenger traffic is minimal in order to create a safer environment for the travelling public.

Bradford Airport Logistics' Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center solution and its technology, Airport Material Intelligence System - AMIS™, are recognized as an "industry best practices"and are "world class".

Bradford is leading a global industry as the organization "Helps Airports Run Great"!