Eliminates Supplier Trucks and Personnel from Operating at Terminal

No supplier trucks or unvetted materials reach the terminal. The Centralized Receiving and Distribution solution 100% eliminates third party delivery traffic & personnel from operating at the terminal and around travelers - curbside, within the facility, and airside. Usually, one hundred to two hundred delivery trucks and personnel are eliminated.

One Security Inspection Point Under Standardized & Uniform Processes

Material is inspected at “one central point” under tight security protocols away from the terminal using latest technologies and processes. 100% of the material is thoroughly vetted. Plus, AMIS™ security protocols establish a number of layered, threat based measures including electronic oversight mechanisms and x-ray if necessary. After material is vetted during the receiving process, it is temporarily put-away and staged within a very controlled security environment. The material is also under 100% real-time command and control from receipt until distribution to the end-user.

Virtual Secure Material Delivery Tunnel™

Material is re-distributed back to the terminal by a single trusted and properly vetted source. To ensure optimum security integrity during transport to end-users, customized trucks operate under a number of Bradford’s industry leading security protocols (Virtual Material Delivery Security Tunnel™) -- creating checks and balances every step of the way.